A message from our founder, Alyssa Cesarini:

Where can I find a nanny like you?

That one simple question is what motivated me to create Innovative Youth Care and seek out other nannies who feel the way I do: nannies with a desire to impact the lives of children in a positive and meaningful way.

My first degree was in English / Journalism. I graduated from Penn State with exceptional vocabulary and writing skills, but my aspirations were short lived as reality sunk in: the PR industry in NYC was cut-throat. I was fighting to maintain my ethics and integrity as a writer. Then one day when I’d had enough, I resigned.

I wanted to help others better themselves and build lasting, loving relationships. I wanted to inspire people – children specifically – to be true to themselves and others. I wanted to provide the same support and conscious care that I had been fortunate enough to receive throughout my own life.

It was then I returned to school and earned my second B.A., this time in psychology.

Around this time, a friend mentioned that a high-profile family she knew was searching for childcare. In 2009, I signed on as nanny for the spirited children of Yankees Pitcher CC Sabathia and his wife, Amber. They had just relocated to the New York metropolitan area, were cautiously juggling their fast paced life, and wanted to ensure their children would experience a smooth transition.

I accepted the title of nanny with a little hesitation as I had never envisioned myself in such a role, but soon felt an overwhelming sense of fulfillment and purpose. I was invested in these children: driven not only by the desire to see them succeed, but to thrive.

The lessons I learned could fill volumes and in 2014, I knew I had a calling to expand my impact further and start Innovative Youth Care. The past 3 years have been nothing short of magical. We have helped hundreds of families and nannies across America, and our mission rooted in providing the most conscious care for children is happening in a big way.

We would be honored to have an opportunity to share in the journey with your family!

With love and gratitude,