IYC truly knows what kind of support new mamas need…

“I reached out to Innovative Youth Care when I had a 1 week old baby, not having any idea what kind of support I really needed beyond having someone there to help me cook, clean and generally help out around the house. Alyssa attentively listened to my concerns, but she also really knew what I needed after getting to know me as a new Mama. They placed me within one DAY with our nanny Lily who we still employ after 1 year (and have no desire to ever stop working with!) who has been absolutely INCREDIBLE. Our lives are forever changed for the better, as is our daughter's. Innovative Youth Care provides a phenomenal service, caring perspective and vast resources to every placement request. I also love that Alyssa has placed many high-profile and celebrity clients that might make others swoon, but Alyssa handles it all with the utmost professionalism and care that makes you feel like you are dealing with someone who will be a friend and advocate for your family for the rest of your life. And you are - she's a gem, and IYC is an absolute asset to every single family who works with them.”

Sky D, Long Island City, NY

IYC cares deeply about your child’s success…

“Melissa has been such a blessing. It is so nice to finally find someone who genuinely cares about Ellie and her well-being. Melissa does more than just her job. She thinks about how she can help Ellie outside of the classroom. We cannot thank Innovative Youth Care enough for finding such a great para for Ellie.”

“Innovative Youth Cares' passion and ability to get to know a child for who he/she really is, has always impressed me. Because of their ability to do this, IYC was able to find “the right fit” para for my daughter, on the first try, which was huge!!!! My husband and I cannot thank IYC enough for finding someone who genuinely cares and understands our daughter.”

Sharon, Englewood, NJ

Being a single Dad is not easy....

"Alyssa did exactly what she said she would do, she did not send me and my children a bunch of strangers to interview, but instead she found us the best fit for our family, on the first try! I was so grateful and Anya has been an excellent Nanny to my children and I don’t know what I would be doing without all the additional help she provides me around the house and with my children, who adore her."

"Thank you Innovative Youth Care, you are the best agency in NYC!"

Aaron, New York, New York

Every family should use Innovative Youth Care....

"I came upon Innovative Youth Care when I was searching for help after being put on bed rest at 6 months pregnant. At the time I had a toddler at home and was trying to avoid being admitted to the hospital for the remainder of my pregnancy. Alyssa responded to my 911 email and met with me the next day. Innovative Youth Care entered my life when it was being shaken upside down and helped establish some calm, quickly, and they made us a priority. They were wonderful to work with and will genuinely makes this seemingly dreadful process, seamless."

Jessica, Hoboken, NJ

Innovative Youth Care is a lifesaver....

"When I called Innovative Youth Care I was going through a very complicated and rocky divorce. I needed to find a nanny for my two children, because I work full-time and without the help of my wife, who was not staying with us anymore, I was beyond overwhelmed. It was a very messy situation and Alyssa was so honest, professional and knowledgeable on how I should pursue childcare, especially after our children we’re going through so much already. She not only put me at ease but assured me she could help us and also understood what my children were going through. That was huge for me at this time!  Not the easiest of times, but I found it easy to explain the details and private matters of what was happening without hesitation."

Ryan, San Diego, CA

One of the best investments of our lives.... 

"When hiring Alyssa as a private mentor to Lauren, who was making dangerous and inappropriate decisions in a dangerous city when unsupervised, I felt helpless. Alyssa brought reality to her through her own life experience and confidence. She showed her how being a positive role model doesn't mean we live boring lives, but quite the opposite. BUT it is Alyssa's overall "vibe" that cements the impact on these young adults she works privately with, and its unlike anyone I have ever met." 

"Alyssa inspired my daughter, who we thought she was going to rebel against us until something horrible happened and calling Innovative Youth Care changed everything for her. Lauren respected her, looked up to her, and knew Alyssa believed in her and that's one thing I have never found in any other service or agency, for my 24 year-old daughter with special needs. This has been one of the best investments of our lives and most importantly, our daughters life, Alyssa will be a part of our family forever and that's invaluable. Any parent that has children with special needs, of any diagnosis, knows how challenging it is at every age to find support. I wish Innovative Youth Care existed years ago when I was looking for nannies but I am beyond grateful for its range of services for young adults today, thank you!"   

Ayelet, New York, NY

Alyssa provides peace of mind…

“I was blown away by Alyssa's genuine concern for my four children. Her positive attitude and ability to turn any child’s frown upside down set her apart from other nannies. We always felt secure putting their happiness in her hands.

When our daughter was diagnosed with a cognitive language delay at 4-years-old, Alyssa would shadow her at The JCC Tenafly, NJ, Therapeutic Nursery School when CC and I were unable to. She took all of the techniques taught at JCC and used them whenever she worked with Jaden, giving her the consistency she needed to get to the level of social skills she has today – which are remarkable!

The relief Alyssa provided to CC and I as parents was a bonus we hadn’t expected. Our busy and sometimes chaotic schedule became so much more manageable because she was there to guide our children throughout the day and keep them on task when time was of the essence.

All of our children have benefited from Alyssa’s presence in ways I didn’t think were possible. She was a real asset to our family for five years and she has made a lifelong impact on my children’s lives. There is no doubt in my mind she can find the same for other families.”

Amber Sabathia, Major League Baseball Player Wife & Mom of Four

Always passionate about inspiring children...

“During the time that Alyssa Cesarini was the nanny for the Sabathia family, Jaden, their three year old daughter, attended the JCC Therapeutic Nursery. This is a program for bright children with developmental problems, and their caretakers. I am the director of the program. Alyssa attended class several times a week, and met with me weekly so that along with Jaden’s parents, she could use the strategies that were taught in the classroom, at home and in the community. Alyssa applied the skills and techniques we talked about extraordinarily well, which certainly impacted on Jaden’s dramatic progress. She was an exceptional nanny. In working with Alyssa over the course of a year, I saw that she learned quickly, she could use what she learned in a variety of settings outside of school, she worked well with the adults in the classroom and she demonstrated passion and understanding in working with children.”

Lois Mendelson, Ph.D, Director, Therapeutic Nursery at the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades, Tenafly, NJ